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cricket, sort of

  In 1986 (I think) the Boston area ringers spent some of the warm months playing a very modified form of backyard cricket.  I suspect that most of us have not tried it since, but Don has the wiffle ball and plastic bat sets, and I have the made-from-dowels nearly regulation size wickets.  We think we should try again, possibly in some spare time (if any) over the Independence Day weekend.   For more information than you really need, see:

The pitch will be smaller, due to the natures of back yards and of wiffle balls.  We would be hard put to field two eleven person teams, and I think previously we cut it down to 4 or  5 people per team.  There are people on this list who actually know what they're doing, but I don't think we're aspiring to competence or correctness.
   Films with cricket included for plot purposes (and which therefore may not represent real cricket):
"Maurice" (1987, Merchant Ivory adaptation of Forster novel.  Cricket only in one scene)
"Deceived by flight" (an episode of the Inspector Morse series)
"Outside Edge"
[those three are available through the Minuteman Library Network if you can't find them at your local video store]
"Wondrous Oblivion"


   There are opportunities to see it played live, but irritatingly enough they conflict with ringing at Old North, as games are played both weekend days at 12:30 in various locations. It should be possible to stop by the Almont Street game briefly on the way to Hingham on Saturday if people are interested.  It would mean bringing lunch to eat while watching or in the car rather than going out for food.  For the schedule, see:

Laura Dickerson