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Advent practice cancellations

1) Reminder that there will be no Advent practice this coming
Thursday, 20 May, as it is Ascension Day.

2) There will also be no Advent practic on Thursday, 3 June. That is
the night before the annual 11:00 Choir's concert, and we always
skip practice that night to give them a chance for a dress rehearsal
in peace and quiet.

Edith has kindly offered us complimentary tickets to that concert,
which is Friday evening, 4 June. As most of you are probbly aware,
this is an impressive, professional choir, mostly specializing in
Renaissance sacred music, and which has done a lot of work presenting
music by undeservedly obscure Renaissance composers. This years
concert is no exception, centering on the music of the sixteenth
century Franco-Flemish composer Pierre de Manchicourt.

I will be in the UK that week, but Britt has kindly offered to get a
head count of how many folks might like to go and arrange for the
complimentary tickets. If you are interested in attending this
concert, please let Britt <bhartenb bu edu> know no later than Sunday, 
30 May.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"Mathematicians are machines for turning coffee into theorems."
                                                  -- Paul Erdos