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Forwarded message from Greg Hinson re: 2004 NAG AGM: 20 bells invite you to DC

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NAGCR Area Reps, other officers, and various responsible parties:

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2004 Annual General Meeting, I
want to extend another invitation to you, your fellow ringers, family, and
friends to join us in Washington over the Labor Day weekend for fun,
fellowship, food, and education...and maybe a little ringing, too.

You may have heard that the registration form is ready.  It's available
electronically by a couple of methods: 1) linked to the NAG pages at
www.nagcr.org and 2) attached to this email.  Please feel free to download
and print the 2-page PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file and distribute copies either
electronically or on paper to the ringers in your area.

Paper copies of the form will be included in the forthcoming issue of The
Clapper, which, I understand, should be arriving in a few weeks.  If, for
any reason, you need us to snail-mail paper copies to you earlier, please
reply to me.

Please help us spread the word that registration is open.  We look forward
to welcoming you all for A Capital Ring!

-Greg Hinson

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