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Re: Hendersonville Bells 25th birthday

Don Morrison wrote:

> I've just spoken with Richard Parsons, and the subject of the
> 25th anniversary of the Hendersonville bells' dedication came up. That
> anniversary is the weekend after Labor Day, 5-7 September.

There is more information on the NAG web site, with a schedule and
registration and so forth.
  They are asking people to register by the 18th.

  A quick Orbitz search shows an air fare of $245 RT from Boston to the
Ashville/Hendersonville airport, on Continental changing in Newark (there
are no nonstops). The fare to Greenville, SC, is cheaper, but the drive
from the airport is about 45 minutes longer, and the connections in Newark
aren't as good.   For anybody whose geography is hazy, it's nearly a
thousand miles from here, so driving for the weekend isn't too practical.
September should be before *their* leaf peeping season starts, so it won't
be flooded with  tourists.

Laura Dickerson