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Re: Meeting at Groton Saturday July 19th

Kerry Walsh wrote:

> I hear that for those not
> involved in quarter peals, Alice is offering a venue for a pot-luck
> picnic lunch at her house in .

If the QP ringers have time to stop by, they can do so as well.  Alice had
offered to print out maps and bring them to Groton that day, but maybe I'll
try to get the directions in advance so that people can figure out what to
do.  Often we've had lots of really good food at these potlucks, but there
was one lunch for which almost everyone brought cheese and crackers.  Not a
well-rounded meal.  This is a plea for more creativity.

> I have been asked to run the meeting, and I would like to make sure that
> everyone is welcome to join in at all levels they are comfortable with:
>         Rounds and Call changes on 10
>         Plain Hunt on 9 and 10
> And I would also propose the following 9/10 bell methods:
>         Little Bob Royal
>         Yorkshire Royal
>         Grandsire Caters
>         Stedman Caters
> If there is time, then perhaps also
>         Double Norwich Caters
> Please be aware that there are constructions and repairs going on in the
> Chapel, and access will be restricted to the tower only.  Restroom
> facilities will be in the main building.
>         If you need a ride, or can offer pickups from Alewife or
> Riverside on the T
>                         Or
>                         Littleton Commuter Rail at 9:36 arrival (leave
> North Station 8:35/Porter Square 8:45)
>         please let me know and I'll attempt to co-ordinate.
> If I've got this all wrong, please let me know gently!

The closest commuter rail station is actually Ayer.  The train is scheduled
to arrive there at 9:44 and Alice said she could swing by and pick people 
on her way to the tower if needed. If enough people are coming from town to
warrant it, I've offered to loan Don my car so that two cars will be 
from Cambridge.

Laura Dickerson