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Meeting at Groton Saturday July 19th

Hello All:

With the arrival (advent? :-o ) of the new mailing system, it seemed
appropriate to remind you all about the 10 bell event at Groton School
on Saturday July 19th from 10am to 12noon. [Followed by quarter peal
attempt(s) arranged by Steve Jarvis.]  I hear that for those not
involved in quarter peals, Alice is offering a venue for a pot-luck
picnic lunch at her house in .

I have been asked to run the meeting, and I would like to make sure that
everyone is welcome to join in at all levels they are comfortable with:

        Rounds and Call changes on 10
        Plain Hunt on 9 and 10

And I would also propose the following 9/10 bell methods:

        Little Bob Royal
        Yorkshire Royal
        Grandsire Caters
        Stedman Caters
If there is time, then perhaps also     

        Double Norwich Caters

Please be aware that there are constructions and repairs going on in the
Chapel, and access will be restricted to the tower only.  Restroom
facilities will be in the main building.

        If you need a ride, or can offer pickups from Alewife or
Riverside on the T 
                        Littleton Commuter Rail at 9:36 arrival (leave
North Station 8:35/Porter Square 8:45)
        please let me know and I'll attempt to co-ordinate.

If I've got this all wrong, please let me know gently!

Kerry Walsh
Senior SNA Support Specialist
Alebra Technologies Inc
+1 508 497-2500 (switch)        mailto:kerry walsh alebra com
+1 508 293-0207 (direct)        mailto:support alebra com 
+1 888 340-2727 (hotline)       http://www.alebra.com/