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RE: Meeting at Groton Saturday July 19th

Hello again to you All:

I have only had "e-declines" from Dianne and Danielle and "Sorry, won't
be there" from Nancy, Erin, Laura (and family) and Joanne, so I assume
that all of the other regulars on this list will be there!  I have not
been asked to organise rides for anyone, so I assume that all of that is
taken care of as necessary.  Offer for pickup at Ayer is still on the
table from Alice, who is also hosting the potluck picnic at her house in
Bolton.  I believe that Laura is making her car available if required.

For those who like that sort of information, DNCB Caters is, with an outline at


{long URL)
Or the whole blue line at

(longer URL)

Looking forward to seeing you all at Groton.

Kerry Walsh
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