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BAPC-Calendar for the Week of February 27



The Boston Area Physics Calendar is published weekly during the academic year by the department of Physics at Northeastern University. Entries should be sent no later than 12:00 pm on the Thursday before the week of the actual event.


Note: Entries that are past the deadline will have to be sent by you to the BAPC late entry email address listed below.


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Monday February 27, 2017



Monday, February 27

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Center for Theoretical Physics

Nuclear & Particle Theory Seminar

Cosman Seminar Room 6c-44

``The B -> D(*) tau nu anomalies: facts and/or fictions"

Zoltan Ligeti, LBNL


4:00 pm

Monday, February 27, 2017


Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium


“The long- and short- of cold atoms and nuclei”

Joseph Carlson

Theoretical Division, LANL


4:15PM - 5:15PM

Monday, February 27, 2017
Harvard University Department of Physics Monday Colloquium

250 Jefferson Lab

"The Tragic Tale of the Mathematician Ramanujan"

Ramamurti Shankar

Yale University




Tuesday February 28, 2017



Tuesday, February 28

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Center for Theoretical Physics announces

Joint Tufts/MIT Cosmology Seminar

Cosman Seminar Room 6c-442

``Dissipation during inflation"

Marco Peloso, U Minnesota



Tuesday, February 28

Harvard University

Mathematical Physics Seminar

Jefferson 453

“Quantum Pair of Pants”

Slawomir Klimek

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis



Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brandeis University

Physics Colloquium

Abelson 131

"How to Find Dark Matter"

Bjoern Penning

University of Bristol

Refreshments at 3:30pm outside of Abelson 131



Wednesday March 1, 2017


4:00 pm

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Harvard University


Palfrey House, 18 Hammond Street, First Floor Conference Room

“The 30 GeV dimuon excess at ALEPH”

Kenneth Lane

Boston University

Cookies will be served



Wednesday, March 1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Center for Theoretical Physics  announces

String Theory Seminar

Cosman Seminar Room 6c-442

``Loops in AdS from conformal field theory"

Agnese Bissi, Harvard



Thursday March 2, 2017


4:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The David and Edith Harris Physics Colloquium Series

Building 10, Room 250

"Topological Superconductors and Majorana Fermions”

Liang Fu


Refreshments @ 3:30 PM in 4-349