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11/03/2016, 4:15pm, Ali Yazdani, "Topological connections and protection in metals and insulators"

Thursday, 11/03/2016, 4:15pm
Harvard University
Physics Department
17 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02318
Jefferson 250

Ali Yazdani
Class of 1909 Professor of Physics, Director of the Princeton Center for Complex Materials
Princeton University 
"Loeb Lecture in Physics: Topological connections and protection in metals and insulators"

In the past decade, it has been realized that topology of the electronic bands in solids can give rise to distinct types of metals and insulators. Electrons at the boundaries of these topological metals and insulators behave very differently than electrons on the surfaces of other materials. They may not scatter backward when they encounter an impurity, they can overcome obstacles by going around them, or sometimes sink into the bulk when their momentum has a special value. I will describe how we have imaged these topological boundary states on different types of materials and have detected some of their special properties.

Free and open to the public

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