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Harvard Applied Physics Colloquium March 7 David P. Billington

Applied Physics Colloquium

The New Art of Structural Engineering
David P Billington
Princeton University

4:00 pm, March 7th
refreshments start at 3:30 pm
209 Pierce Hall
Harvard University

Since the Industrial Revolution there has arisen a new art form, _Structural Art_ in which the major innovators in structural engineering have recognized the aesthetic possibilities first with iron, then steel, then reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.  This lecture will focus on five great structural artists of the 20^th century whose works have recently been exhibited in art museums and galleries or will soon be so exhibited, all through photographs, documents and elegant models designed and built by Princeton students of structural engineering.  The lecture will identify the unifying ideals of this new art as discipline (avoidance of waste in materials and money) and the _expression_ of elegance within those disciplines.

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