Joint Tufts / MIT Tuesday Cosmology Seminars

The seminar rotates between MIT and Tufts. The organizers are Alan Guth ( at MIT, and Alex Vilenkin ( at Tufts. These pages are maintained by Ken Olum (

Seminars — Fall 2015

Date Location Speaker Title Links
September 29 Tufts Andrei Barvinsky
Lebedev Institute, Moscow
Cosmological initial conditions: new type of hill-top inflation from the CFT driven cosmology Poster
October 6 MIT Prashant Saraswat
University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins
Natural Inflation and Quantum Gravity Poster
October 13 Tufts Jaume Garriga
Universitat de Barcelona
Inflation as a gradient flow, and the holographic perspective Poster
October 20 MIT

October 27 Tufts Raul Jimenez
Universitat de Barcelona
A lower bound on the value of the cosmological constant Poster
November 3 MIT Ashley Perko
Beyond the CMB: The EFT of Large Scale Structure Poster
November 10 Tufts Lasha Berezhiani
Universtiy of Pennsylvania
Superfluid Dark Matter Poster
November 17 MIT Xingang Chen
Harvard and UT Dallas
Quantum primordial standard clocks Poster
November 24 Tufts Roberto Gobbetti
Inflation in a random potential Poster
December 1 MIT Yonatan Kahn
The Goldstone and Goldstino of Supersymmetric Inflation Poster

Where and when

Unless otherwise noted, the seminars at both institutions are on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm.

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars are held at:

TUFTS: 574 Boston Ave, Room 204 (refreshments are served at 2:00, outside room 304)

MIT: Center for Theoretical Physics Cosman Seminar Room, Fourth Floor, Building 6C, Room 6C-442 (refreshments are served at 2:00 in the same room)

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