Talloires, France
Sep 2 - 5, 2009

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Schedule and Talks

The conference will start on Sept. 1st with a Reception at 7:00 pm in the Tufts European Center at Talloires. The first talk will be on the morning of September 2nd and the last one on the afternoon of September 5th followed by the trip to Annecy.

You can download  a pdf version of the conference schedule from the following link. (CONFERENCE SCHEDULE)

WEDNESDAY (Sept. 2th)

  • SLAVA MUKHANOV:  "Magnetic Fields from Inflation ? "

  • LAWRENCE FORD:  "Quantum stress tensor fluctuations and inflation"

  • ERICK WEINBERG:  "A new look at Coleman-De Luccia tunneling"

  • ANTHONY AGUIRRE:  "A status report on the observability of cosmic bubble collisions"

  • JOSE JUAN BLANCO-PILLADO:  "Tunneling in flux compactifications"

  • THIBAULT DAMOUR:  "Hidden Symmetries in Cosmological Crunches"

  • MISAO SASAKI: "A thought on conformal frames"

  • SOO A. KIM:  "Nflation: observational predictions with several different spectra"

  • ATSUSHI NARUKO:  "Non-Gaussianity in the CMB temperature fluctuations from Cosmic Strings"

  • SERGEY SIBIRYAKOV: "Is there a consistent non-relativistic theory of gravity ?"

  • INYONG CHO:  "BTZ string in Horava-Lifshitz gravity"

  • URJIT YAJNIK:  "Quantum stability of cosmic strings and Dark Matter"

  • WESSEL VALKENBURG:  "The CMB in a Swiss-Cheese Universe"


THURSDAY (Sept. 3th)

  • PAUL SHELLARD:  "Primordial Non-Gaussianity: Cosmic Strings and Inflation"

  • MARK HINDMARSH: "Cosmic strings in classical field theory: where did all the loops go?"

  • KEN OLUM: "Scaling distribution of large cosmic string loops"

  • TOM KIBBLE: "Kinks and small-scale structure on strings"

  • ANA ACHUCARRO: "Multiple reconnections of type II Abelian Higgs strings"

  • TANMAY VACHASPATI: "New Ways to Look for Cosmic Strings"

  • VENYA BEREZINSKY:  "Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: From Crisis To Crisis"

  • XAVIER SIEMENS: "Gravitational waves from cosmological sources"

  • LEVON POGOSIAN:  "Strings in the Background"

  • BENJAMIN SHLAER: "The Bursts and the Beads: Gravitational waves from broken cosmic strings"

  • MARK WYMAN: "Cosmic strings as a source of observable 21cm cross correlation"

  • ANASTASIOS AVGOUSTIDIS:  "Velocity-dependent models for cosmic (super)string evolution"

  • ERAY SABANCILAR:  "Constraints on strongly coupled moduli from Cosmic Strings"

  • DIMITRI SKLIROS:  "Vertex Operators for Cosmic Strings"


FRIDAY (Sept. 4th)

  • ALAN GUTH:  "Probabilities in Eternally Inflating Universes: Scale-Factor Cutoff Measure"

  • ANDREI LINDE:  "Counting and Measuring Universes"

  • ALEXANDER VILENKIN:  "Holographic Multiverse"

  • JAUME GARRIGA:  "Conformal Invariance and the Multiverse"

  • RAPHAEL BOUSSO:  "Predictions in the Multiverse"

  • MICHAEL DOUGLAS:  "String Landscape and Questions for Cosmologists"

  • RICHARD GOTT :  "Boltzmann Brains and Vacuum States"

  • JAMES HARTLE:  "Global and local predictions in Quantum Cosmology"

  • THOMAS HERTOG: "Large- and small-scale Inhomogeneities in No-Boundary cosmology"

  • J. P. VAN DER SCHAAR:  "A bit about de Sitter"

  • MICHAEL SALEM:  "Anisotropic Bubble Nucleation"

  • MATTHEW JOHNSON: "Dynamical compactification from higher dimensional de Sitter space"

  • DELIA SHWARTZ-PERLOV: "The measure of a trans-dimensional multiverse "

  • RUEDIGER VAAS:  "The Science of other universes - a philosophical challenge"


SATURDAY (Sept. 5th)

  • NEIL TUROK:  " Holographic Bounce "

  • CRAIG HOGAN:  "Holographic Noise in Interferometers: an experimental probe of Planck scale unification"

  • LAWRENCE KRAUSS:  "Cosmology as science?: Falsification, Inflation, Gravitational Waves and the Multiverse"

  • RENATA KALLOSH:  "String Theory, Supergravity and Cosmology"

  • FERNANDO QUEVEDO:  "Closed string moduli and Inflation "

  • JUAN GARCIA-BELLIDO:  "Primordial gravitational waves from preheating and self-ordering
    fields after inflation "

  • QAISAR SHAFI:  "Realistic Inflation Models"

  • GIA DVALI:  "Black hole bridge to microphysics"