My Photo Album

Me and my wife Maria (November, 2004)

My Daughter Antonina (September, 2004)

Ph.D. Thesis Defense (August, 2005)

Hooding Ceremony: my mother, my step-father, my son and myself (May, 2006)

Moving to Germany, but I will be back ... :) (June, 2006)

On the trip: USA -> Ukraine -> Russia -> Germany. (July, 2006)

The antigravity stone in action (May, 2006)

Vanchurin, Vanchurina and Lenin (July, 2006)

Kosmos is growing fast (July, 2006)

My wife and kid at the airport (July, 2006)

Kosmos and myself (July, 2006)

Kosmos and my wife (July, 2006)