Investing Layer of Deep Cervical Fascia

  • The most superficial Deep Fascial Layer
  • Surrounds the structures of the neck
  • Lies between the superficial cervical fascia and the muscles
  • Splits into superficial and deep layers to enclose trapezius, SCM, submandibular gland and fibrous capsule of parotid gland
  • Covers the posterior as well as the anterior triangle of the neck
  • Superiorly it attaches to
    1. Superior nuchal line of occipital bone (a)
    2. Spinous processes of cervical vertebrae and nuchal ligament(b)
    3. Mastoid processes of temporal bones(c)
    4. Zygomatic arches(d)
    5. Inferior border of mandible(e)
    6. Hyoid bone(f)
  • Inferiorly it attaches to
    1. Manubrium(g)
    2. Clavicles(h)
    3. Acromion(i)
  • Continuous posteriorly with periosteum covering C7 spinous process and ligamentum nuchae an extension of the supraspinous ligament that forms a median fibrous septum between the muscles of the two sides of the neck
  • Just above the sternum this layer splits around the anterior and posterior surfaces of the manubrium forming the Suprasternal Space (k). Contains the anterior jugular veins
  • Folds to form the stylomandibular ligament(j)