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Each fascial layer shown separately and supplemented with a description:

Superficial cervical fascia
Investing cervical fascia
Investing cervical fascia photograph
Middle cervical fascia - derivative of Investing
Middle cervical fascia photograph
Visceral/Pharyngeal cervical fascia
Vertebral cervical fascia
Alar fascia - derivative of Vertebral
Alar fascia photograph


Fascial layers shown from the deep to superficial superimposing each other:

Vertebral, Alar
Vertebral, Alar, Visceral
Verebral, Alar, Visceral, Middle
Vertebral, Alar, Visceral, Middle, Investing

Fascial layers shown in sagittal and cross sections:

Sagittal section showing deep cervical fascial layers
Infrahyoid Cross-Section Showing Layers of Deep Cervical Fascia
Suprahyoid Cross-Section Showing Layers of Deep Cervical Fascia

Fascial spaces shown in sagittal, cross and coronal sections:

Spaces (text)
Sagittal Section Showing Fascial Spaces
Infrahyoid Cross-Section Showing Fascial Spaces
Suprahyoid Spaces (text)
Suprahyoid Cross-Section Showing Fascial Spaces
Coronal Section Showing Deep Cervical Fascial Layers
Coronal Section Showing Fascial Spaces

Pathways of Infection

Suprahyoid Cross-Section Showing Pathway of Infection
Sagittal Section Showing Pathway of Infection
Ludwig's Angina