This page is the location to download near-infrared and optical selected catalogs of the Hubble Frontier Fields (HFF), along with catalogs of photometric redshifts and stellar population properties.

For more information about the Hubble Frontier Fields program, the catalogs, or to download the catalogs and other data products, please click the links above.


5.31.2019 - HFFexplorer (v2.0): HFFexplorer has been updated with a new design layout and added functionality. Explore the Hubble Frontier Fields on your computer, phone, or tablet by clicking the link above or read the HFFexplorer User Guide to learn more about this update.

8.01.2018 - HFFexplorer: We have constructed and made publicly available a website to visually explore the HFF-DeepSpace catalogs and images. Click on the link to start the exploration!

2.01.2018 - HFF-DeepSpace photometric catalogs release: This release provides Hubble multi-wavelength photometric catalogs, including (up to) 17 ACS/WFC3 filters from the UV to the NIR for the Hubble Frontier Fields and associated parallels (Abell 2744, MACS J0416.1-2403, MACS J0717.5+3745, MACS J1149.5+2223, Abell S1063, and Abell 370). Ultra-deep Ks-band imaging at 2.2μm from KIFF, and Spitzer-IRAC imaging at 3.6μm, 4.5μm, 5.8μm, and 8.0μm were also added, when available. In addition to the photometric catalogs, we provide catalogs of photometric redshifts, stellar population properties, rest-frame magnitudes and colors, and lensing magnification factors. The public release includes all the images used in the construction of the catalogs, including the combined models of the bright cluster galaxies and intra-cluster light, the residual images, segmentation maps, and more. Shipley et al. (2018) accompanies the HFF-DeepSpace data release and represents its reference paper.

6.06.2016 - Ultra-deep Ks-band imaging data of Hubble Frontier Fields release (KIFF): this release provides reduced Ks-band mosaics of the Hubble Frontier Fields obtained with the High Acuity Wide field K-band Imager (HAWK-I) at the ESO VLT 8.2-meter Unit Telescope. The first two fields, Abell 2744 and MACS-0416, were observed with HAWK-I on UT4 in P92 and the second two fields, Abell S1063 and Abell 370, were observed in P95 (PI: Gabriel Brammer). This data release also includes two northern Frontier Fields clusters, MACS-0717 and MACS-1149, which were observed with the Keck/MOSFIRE instrument (PI: Danilo Marchesini). The total sky area covered in the Ks-band is 490 arcmin2.


This program is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1513473 and by HST-AR-14302, provided by NASA through a grant from the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Incorporated, under NASA contract NAS5-26555.