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minutes Physics Theorynet meeting September 24, 2022

Physics Theorynet Meeting, September 24, 2022

Northeastern University, 218 Dana Research Center








Tim Fitzgibbon, Middleborough High School

Scott Goelzer, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy NH

Michael Hirsh, Needham HS

Krista Siren, Groton-Dunstable Regional HS

Mike Wadness, Medford HS

Brent Nelson, Northeastern U

Ken Olum, Tufts U

Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern U




Nivedi Das, Sharon HS

Nishant Agarwal, UMass Lowell

Per Berglund, UNH

Matt Headrick, Brandeis U

Jesse Thaler, MIT

Jim Halverson, Northeastern U





It was the FIRST post-pandemic meeting in person. We used a Doodle poll not only to optimize the meeting participation, but also to update the list of interested teachers and faculty. The Attending and Excuses lists everybody who responded, so if we missed someone, please let me know.


We had quite a few interesting visits last semester, with a couple of them to new places. Ken Olum visited Danbury HS in CT, where he used our brand new interferometer to illustrate the physical principles underlying LIGO's detection of gravitational waves. Actually, the interferometer comes with a set of small demos that can be used for measuring thermal expansion in metals, sound waves etc. Brent Nelson visited the physics class taught by Deb Nolan in Manchester Essex HS, where he talked about "Physics and Machine Learning". It looks like machine learning is a new subject getting students excited ... maybe as much as time travel :)?


We are very happy that Theorynet is back to school visits in person. Here are the preliminary pairings for this year:

1. Tim F -- Ken Olum, with Tom T in reserve

2. Mike W -- Jacqueline McCleary (new NEU physics/astronomy faculty who will be joining our group)

3. Michael H -- Matt Headrick

4. Krista S -- Tom T

5. Scott G -- Per B and Nishant Agarwal

6. Nivedi D -- Brent N


The NSF grant got renewed for another 3 years, so we will have money for $200 teachers' stipends and for buying more demonstration equipment -- please make a wishlist and email to Tom. Any ideas about radio telescopes?


Let's get in touch to arrange visits as soon as possible.

Have a great semester!