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Re: interferometer

At the zoom meeting, Tomasz said we should decide quickly about buying
an interferometer, as we discussed, so he can do it out of the present
grant budget.  I suggest that we get the Thorlabs EDU-MINT2/M,
https://www.thorlabs.com/thorproduct.cfm?partnumber=EDU-MINT2/M . It
costs $2927.  This is the metric version.  There's also an imperial
version, but why extend the dark ages any longer?  I guess one possible
reason is if someone has some optical equipment that they might like to
use with this kit that would only be compatible with the imperial
version.  If so, speak up.

Not included in this kit is a photodetector.  They think you are only
going to look at the light on the screen.  So I suggest we also buy the
photodetector components that they include in their "Bomb Tester Kit".
I think these are

SM05D5  Internally SM05-Threaded Lever Actuated Iris Diaphragm
SM05M10         1" Long SM05 Lens Tube
SM05PD1A        Silicon Photodiode, 350 - 1100 nm
SM05RC/M     Slip Ring for SM05 Lens Tubes, M4 Tap
CA2812  12" Long Coaxial Cable
T3285   BNC T-Adapter
FT104   100 kOhm Fixed BNC Terminator
T1452   BNC Female to Binding Post

but we should probably write their technical support to be sure we're
getting the right parts.  This will add about $200.

What do you think?