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minutes of May 29, 2020 meeting

Physics Theorynet meeting, 29 May 2020

Virtual place on Zoom




Participating Teachers:

Nivedi Das, Sharon

Michael Hirsh, Needham

Mike Wadness, Medford

Scott Goelzer, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy (NH)


Participating Theorists:

Per Berglund, University of New Hampshire

Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern


It was a short meeting which boiled down to the description of virtual visits and discussion of future plans.

Over the last 3 weeks, 4 visits took place: Jim Halverson in Needham, Jesse Thaler in Concord/Carlisle and Tom Taylor in Medford, and later this week in Sharon. It is clear that virtual Zoom visits work well and add a new dimension to the program. We had a good attendance and many interesting questions.

Virtual visits should remain in our repertoire even long after COVID is gone because they are very time efficient. Having said that, there were opinions expressed that physical, in person visits have a special value because nothing can replace face-to-face, individual conversations with students who want to meet a real person actively involved in research and teaching.


Since it is not clear yet what the Commonwealth and NH are planning for the next year, we decided to wait with calling next meeting until official announcements are made and plan accordingly.

Have a great summer!

Jim and Tom