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Re: physics in the times of plague

Hi Ken,

Given the large variability in school's responses (and everyone's limited 
bandwidth), I think the idea is to have the virtual meetings be open to 
everyone in Theorynet, regardless of what school they are at.  If this 
gets unwieldy, then we could limit it to physicist/teacher pairings, but 
with Zoom it is the same amount of effort to set up a session for 10 
students or 100 students.  Typically, I would go into a high school once a 
semester, but this would allow for a weekly session with a rotating cast 
of physicists.

My son's school is doing very little in terms of scheduled online 
activities, and I (as a parent) would be thrilled for more scheduled 
activities, especially ones about science.

But I think the most important thing is to hear from our high-school 
teacher partners and ask what would be most useful/effective for them.


> On Mar 20, 2020, at 9:09 AM, Ken Olum <kdo cosmos phy tufts edu> wrote:
> Hi, Tom and all.  I know nothing about the technical aspects of online
> classes (and since I'm not teaching I have not had to learn).  But in
> terms of organization I wonder if it would be best to keep the
> physicist/teacher pairings that we have and work within whatever system
> is being used by the schools.  I've seen everything from a regular
> school day with classes taught by Zoom to very little activity.  Maybe
> physicists could fit ourselves into whatever online system is being used
> by each school.
> Thoughts?
>                                        Ken
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