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Nobel Colloquium at Northeastern

Dear all,

Prof. Kate Scholberg from Duke University will be giving the Physics Nobel Colloquium at Northeastern on Thursday of this week. It will be about the recent Nobel Prize in Physics, which was awarded for the discovery of neutrino oscillations to McDonald and Kajita who played central roles in the neutrino experiments SNO and Super K, respectively. Prof. Scholberg also played a critical role within Super K, and she will tell us about the science and about the experience of being involved in such an important discovery. The flyer is attached.

I'm writing to see if any of you might have high school students who are interested in attending. The capacity of the space is limited, but there is room for maybe three to five people to attend through TheoryNET. I think it would be great for the students, and we would love to have you there. If you're interested, please get in touch!


James Halverson
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Northeastern University

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