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Telling Your Story workshop @ MIT 4.9.13

This popped up in my FaceBook feed this afternoon and seemed of a similar
nature to what we do in TheoryNet but over a broader range of subject

Chris Siren
>Telling Your Story Workshop
>High School Version
>April 9, 2013
>Let’s inspire the next generation with real stories of careers in STEM
>(science, technology, engineering and math)!
>Learn how to create classroom visits that will do just that, while
>networking with interesting high school teachers and STEM researchers and
>Join us for the  Telling Your Story networking workshop� 
>on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at MIT. 
>The focus for this workshop is on high school grades 9-12 and topics in
>chemistry, physics and biology. [
>]A middle school workshop will take place in the fall.
>The� Telling Your Story� program aims to form collaborations resulting in
>classroom visits where STEM professionals will “tell the story” of
>how they became inspired to pursue a STEM career, and what their
>research/work and life is like now. Teachers and STEM researchers and
>engineers [graduate students, post-docs, staff and faculty] will network
>and craft a visit that will be age-appropriate, fun, and include visuals
>and hands-on activities. � This is a great opportunity to learn more
>about cutting-edge STEM research, K-12 education, best practices for
>speaking with young audiences, and for classroom teachers and those with
>STEM careers to make meaningful connections.