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TheoryNet Meeting moved to Oct. 2

Hello all,

As many of you noticed, September 18 is Yom Kippur. We are therefore rescheduling the meeting for October 2 at the usual place (114 Dana Research building on the Northeastern campus) and the usual time (10AM).

As this is a bit later in the semester than we usually hold our meetings, I will be sending emails directly to the various pairing that were established in the spring to confirm availabilities and put instructors and professors in contact with one another. I will also send a separate email to un-paired participants to coordinate assignments. You should expect these emails on Monday and Tuesday.

Sorry for any inconvenience in changing the dates. We will see you next month.

Brent Nelson
Department of Physics
Northeastern University
110 Forsyth Street
111 Dana Research Center
Boston, MA 02115