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REMINDER: TheoryNet Meeting Sat. 9/26 at 10AM

Hello all,

This is just a reminder that our fall meeting will be held this coming Saturday (9/26) at 10AM on the Northeastern campus. We meet upstairs in the Dana Research Building in room number 218.

If you haven't been here before, please see http://www.campusmap.neu.edu for directions -- Dana Building is on Forsyth street, number 57 on the map and Room 218 is on the second floor. There is public parking available in the Renaissance Park Garage off Columbus Ave, number 62, for a reduced weekend rate of $6/day. Note also that we are next door to Ruggles Orange Line T/MBTA commuter station.

On the Agenda:
1) (Re) Introductions
2) Reports from late Spring visits
3) Plans for 2009/10
4) Joint Fall Meeting of the New England Sections of the APS and AAPT (UNH, 10/16 & 10/17, see announcement below)
5) Website update

Of course, if you have colleagues interested in Theorynet, please bring them along.

See you all on Saturday!
Brent Nelson
Department of Physics
Northeastern University
110 Forsyth Street
111 Dana Research Center
Boston, MA 02115


Joint Fall Meeting of the New England Sections of the APS and AAPT

October 16-17, 2009

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH


In recognition of the International Year of Astronomy, the theme of the meeting will  be 
"Our Universe - 400 Years After Galileo."  Invited talks have been selected to cover topics related to this theme and to the interests of both APS and AAPT.  Invited talks will take place on both Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning.  Contributed talks will be presented on Saturday morning.  Contributed papers will be on display both days.  AAPT workshops will be offered on Saturday afternoon.


"After 400 years, some of us still get it wrong: Science Errors on TV (A Personal Experience)"
by Prof. Neil Comins (University of Maine)


"Professor Galileo’s 21st Century Syllabus" 
by Prof. Timothy Slater (University of Wyoming)

"Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope: First Year Highlights"
by Dr. David J. Thompson  (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

"Imaging the Interstellar Wind and the Boundary of the Heliosphere 
in the “Light” of Neutral Atoms using the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)"
by Prof. Eberhard Möbius (University of New Hampshire) 

"Galileo’s Ideas Might Have Been Better Received If He Understood Cognitive Science"
by Dr. Stephanie Slater (University of Wyoming)

"NASA's Kepler Mission: A Search for Habitable Planets"
by Dr. Andrea Dupree, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Further meeting information can be found at the conference web site :

Meeting registration (early registration deadline of Oct 1) is available at :

Workshop registration will be made available at a later date, once the workshop schedule is complete.

APS abstract submission (with a due date of September 25) is now open at :

AAPT abstract submissions and proposals for workshops (both with a due date of September 25) should be submitted via email to BOTH Mark McConnell (mark mcconnell unh edu) and Martina Arndt (marndt bridgew edu).

Workshop proposals should include : title, brief description, time needed (if different from the nominal two hour time slots), maximum number of participants, and any other special requests.

APS provides the opportunity for its student attendees to submit for reimbursement of personal expenses related to participating in/attending the workshop. Each student participant can be reimbursed for personal expenses totaling up to a maximum amount of $100. Allowable expenses include airfare, taxi, car rental, mileage, shuttles, lodging and meals, conference registration, and banquet tickets. 

For further information, you may contact Mark McConnell (chairman of the local organizing committee) at mark mcconnell unh edu.