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current business

Dear Friends,

1) I think that we did a good job in advertising Theorynet at the NES AAPS/AAPT meeting. It would be very useful if those of you who gave talks (Per and Brent) and the Theorynet table advertisers shared with all of us their impressions.

2) I heard from Jesus' student that she is working on the website -- maybe Jesus could tell us what type of project she can do and when.

3) Last week I went to Reading Memorial HS and showed our fancy e/m apparatus. It worked very well, but getting it there was a real hassle, so if Scott is still in handyman mood, it would be great to have the box for ready for the next meeting so that somebody can pick it up safely for a nice year-end demo.

4) The next meeting will be on June 6 at the usual place (10:00 AM, 208 DA at NU) -- there will be an international SUSY conference running at the same time, but it should not affect us too much. I will send a reminder later.

Onwards, as Rick says...