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Next week Physics Theorynet meeting

This is a reminder about our Physics Theorynet Fall 2008 meeting on
Saturday NEXT WEEK, September 27, at 10:00 AM in Room 218, Dana Building at
Northeastern University. I will send another reminder couple of days 
the meeting.
If you haven't been here before, please see
http://www.campusmap.neu.edu for directions -- Dana Building is on Forsyth
street, number 57 on the map and Room 218 is on the second floor. There is
a public parking available in the Renaissance Park Garage off Columbus Ave,
number 62, for a reduced weekend rate of $6/day. Note also that we are next
door to Ruggles Orange Line T/MBTA commuter station.

On the Agenda:
1) (Re) Introductions
2) Reports from late Spring visits
3) Plans for 2008/9
4) AAPT/APS Spring meeting at Northeastern (May 8/9, 2009)
5) Flyer distribution
6) Website

Of course, if you have colleagues interested in Theorynet, please bring
them along.
See you,