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Saturday January 12 Theorynet Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder about our Physics Theorynet meeting this
Saturday, January 12, at 10:00 AM in Room 218, Dana Building at
Northeastern University.  If you haven't been here before, please see
http://www.campusmap.neu.edu for directions -- Dana Building is on Forsyth
street, number 57 on the map and Room 218 is on the second floor. There is
a public parking available in the Renaissance Park Garage off Columbus Ave,
number 62, for a reduced weekend rate of $6/day. Note also that we are next
door to Ruggles Orange Line T/MBTA commuter station.

On the Agenda:
1) (Eventual)(Re) Introductions
2) Reports from Fall visits
3) Review and Distribution of Theorynet Flyer
4) Set up of two demos: no-dry-ice cloud chamber 
and electron diffraction tube -- be ready to take it to your school.
Of course, if you have colleagues interested in Theorynet, please bring
them along.
See you,
PS Please don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list at