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Public lecture on time travel

Of possible interest to TheoryNet people.  Please encourage your
students to come too.

I'm giving a public lecture Saturday, Sept. 15 at 38 Cameron Ave. in
Cambridge (not far from Davis Square) as part of a symposium sponsored
by "Multiversal Journeys".
See http://www.multiversaljourneys.org/html/events.htm for info.

The symposium schedule is as follows:

12:30--12:45    registration
1:00 -- 2:00    Einstein's Biggest Blunder? -- A cosmic mystery story.
                  Lawrence Krauss
2:00 -- 2:15    Break 
2:15 -- 3:15    Is Time Travel Possible?  Ken Olum
3:15 -- 3:30    Break
3:30 -- 4:30    Q&A (on both talks)

There is no charge for admission, but the room only holds 100 people,
and I think it might fill up.  If you know you want to go, you can
register in advance by sending email to info multiversaljourneys org.
Then be sure to show up before 1:00 or they will give away your