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Physics TheoryNet meeting on April 9

This is just a reminder that the Spring meeting will take place as 
on Saturday April 9, at 10:00 AM in Room 218 at Northeastern University.
The agenda will include reports from the recent school visits. We should 
discuss some points raised in the minutes of the last (December 4) 

 - does it make sense to grow? are there more teachers interested? 
   if yes, theorists would have to cross party lines and involve other 
   research fields.
 - should we involve graduate students? if yes, how?
 - are there more financial resources needed? 
 - can we get and use more students' feedback?
 - meeting in Summer to assess program and involve new 
   teachers and theorists ?

plus whatever is on our minds -- you may want to post your suggestions 
the meeting, to give others some time to think.

I will send you one more reminder with directions etc just a few days 
the meeting.
I am looking forward to seeing you here at NU,