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no TheoryNet on Saturday


    Thanks to everyone who came to the PhysicsTheoryNet (f.k.a. TheoryNet)
meeting today.  Those of you who came today know that we finished 
today and will not be meeting tomorrow.
    It occured to me that anyone who had to miss today but who intended to
come tomorrow would show up and find no one there.  I checked the email
responses that I got, and I did not find anyone in that category, but I
thought I should send this message to the whole list just in case.
    Tomasz Taylor will be taking over the logistical organization, and I am
departing from PhysicsTheoryNet.  I'll continue participating in QuarkNet,
so I look forward to seeing some of you at future QuarkNet events.
    More theorists will be recruited in the next few weeks and a meeting
will be planned for some time in October probably.  Tom will send more
details as the plans become more definite.

    best wishes,

Darien Wood, Physics Dept, 111 DA
Northeastern Univ., Boston, MA 02115
voice: 617 373-2958, fax 617 373-2943