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more TheoryNet info for Friday: directions and agenda


    Below are

    1) directions to Roxbury Latin (driving from Boston).  If anyone is 
or delayed, please call my cell phone: 857 891-6509

    2) the agenda for the meeting (essentially same as the draft that was
sent out in June).  Note that on Friday afternoon, we were hoping to have
presentations from each theorist about their work aimed at high school
students, so there might be a bit of preparation required if you didn't do
this on one of your visits.

    see you on Friday,


To get to Roxbury Latin from Boston:

Take the Jamaica Way past Jamaica Pond.

At rotary about 1/3 mile beyond Pond near the edge of the Arnold Arboretum,
bear right (Route 1, I think).

After a mile or so (past Faulkner Hospital on your right and near the 
Rehab Hospital on your left) Route 1 will bear to the right. You continue
straight, going up hill. Continue until you reach the rotary on the West
Roxbury Parkway. Holy Name church will be on the right.

Go half way around the rotary to Center Street. As you get off the rotary
there will be  a white Police Station on your left.
Center Street has many businesses on it. Continue about a mile (just past
the Lagrange St. crossing) to a large stone church (St. Theresa church) on
your left.

Take a left at the church and go up hill on St. Theresa Ave. You will see
school playing fields behind the fence on your right.

Near the top of the hill is the gate for the entrance to the school on the
right. Go through the gate and bear right almost immediately into a parking
lot. Across from the parking lot, you enter sort of a quad with buildings
on three sides and a grassy courtyard in the middle.The Science Center is
at the top of the quad. It has light green doors with lots of glass panes 

We'll meet in the Physics Lab which is the lab on the first floor with
blue table tops and blue floor covering.


Agenda (we can discuss any modifications on Friday morning):

Friday, 20 August
 Morning (staring at 10:00 AM):
  - (re)introductions: new teachers should be prepared to say
 something about their schools and classes (typical preparation of
 students, etc.)
  - reports from last year's pairs: what you did, what worked
 well, what could be done better

 Afternoon: Theorists talking about what they do (part 1):  The idea
 here is for each theorist to prepare a <30 min presenation about
 his own reasearch at a level appropriate for a high school class
 (not easy).  After each presentation, we can discuss frankly how to
 better adapt the presentations for the intended audience.  It will
 also be a chance to learn more about physics.  We should be able to
 have 2-3 presentations in the afternoon.

Saturday, 21 Aug

 Morning: (starting at 10:00)
Theorists talking about what they do (part 2): Presentations
 from theorist who did not get to speak on day 1 (if any)

 Afternoon: Planning for the coming year(s)
 We need to looks at logistical questions like
  - optimal number and timing of visits
  - rotation of pairings?
  - use of teaching materials (books, cloud chambers, software
  simulations) in conjuction with visits

A nice outcome of the workshop would be a written report or mini-guidebook
might be useful to others trying similar programs (and to newcomers to our
program).  We can discuss the preparation of such a document.

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> I'm sure the directions would be helpful, in particular where to go
> when we arrive.
> Also, are we going to have these 30 minute presentations that you
> suggested before?  People might want to prepare for them.
> Ken
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