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Saturday meeting at Roxbury Latin School

Hi TheoryNet participants,

  I look forward to hosting our meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m. The meeting 
will be in the Physics Lab of our Science Center. Our spring break starts 
on Friday afternoon, so the campus will be quiet, and the gate at the main 
entrance to the school will probably be closed.

  To get in, simply continue along St. Theresa Avenue to the gate at the 
end of the black iron fence around the campus. Turn in at that gate (on to 
Quail Street) and proceed down the street until you see a house on the 
right. If you are driving, park there on the left side of the street. Walk 
down the path on the right side of the house past the baseball backstop 
and the playing field to the back door of the Science Center. (The door is 
full of small glass panes.) Inside the Science Center turn left at the 
lobby to enter the Physics Lab (blue flooring and blue tabletops). Juice, 
coffee, and snacks will be provided.

  If you are not driving, you can get here by commuter rail or by T. The 
West Roxbury Commuter Rail stop is on Lagrange Street. Once on the street, 
walk up the hill past Blanchard's Liquor store. Cross Centre Street and 
continue uphill on Lagrange a few blocks until you reach Howitt Street. 
Turn right, walk one block, and you will see the Quail Street gate to the 
school a bit to your left.

  By T go to the Orange Line Forest Hills terminal and find a bus that 
goes to Centre Street in West Roxbury. Get off at a stop near Lagrange 
Street or St. Theresa Avenue and proceed up hill .

  Please send me an e-mail if you need additional directions.

  See you Saturday.

Rick Dower