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RE: Date of next TheoryNet meetgin


I am now in  Santa Fe  at the Santa Fe Institute and mostly telecommuting .
So I would not
be able to make either meeting.  I will be on the East Coast the week of 
22nd and COULD come
to a QuarkNet Meeting on March 27 .  However it seems that everything is 
to a good start and my 
presence may not be necessary right now.  Let me know what you think. 


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From: Darien Wood
To: theorynet cosmos phy tufts edu
Sent: 3/1/04 1:30 PM
Subject: Date of next TheoryNet meetgin

Hi TheoryNet participants,
    At our last meeting, we had two proposed dates for the next
TheoryNet meeting:
Sat March 13th (primary), Sat March 20th (backup).  
    Please confirm with me that you can make the March 13th meeting.  If
not, please indicate if you could make a March 20th meeting.
    Rick Dower will host the meeting at Roxbury Latin in West Roxbury.
(I'll leave it to Rick to distribute directions for those who have not
been there).  We did not decide on a time to start the meeting -- I
would propose 10:00 AM.
        best regards,