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[suzanne kinnison gsfc nasa gov: Cosmology Survey]

This is about cosmology rather than particle physics, but it might be
of interest to teachers.  Suzanne Kinnison is our regional education
representative from NASA and has a mailing list of people interested
in NASA educational resources.


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The following is an opportunity for Middle School, Junior High 
School, and High School Educators and Professional Development 
Providers to participate in the creation of a new educational 
resource.  Please feel free to send it along to teachers who may find 
it of interest.


>Dear Junior or High School Science Educator, or Professional 
>Development Provider,
>The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics together with NASA 
>would like a few minutes of your time to help in developing an 
>exciting new resource for teachers.
>We are working to produce a DVD package for teaching about the Big 
>Bang model for the origin and evolution of the universe - a key 
>concept in the Earth and Space Science Content Standards.
>We plan to include on the DVD resources such as:  effective 
>inquiry-based classroom materials and assessments; scenes of 
>teachers using these materials with their students; interviews with 
>students about their ideas regarding the structure and evolution of 
>the universe; interviews with teachers about their challenges and 
>successes in teaching this topic; explanations of the science of Big 
>Bang cosmology, including graphic visualizations; and interviews 
>with scientists.
>To make this DVD as useful as possible, we need some information 
>from teachers of grades 8-12 earth science, physical science, 
>astronomy and physics courses, whether or not you currently teach 
>about the Big Bang.
>The survey is available online at http://www.cosmicquestions.org/survey
>It will take around ten minutes to complete.  After filling out the 
>survey, you'll have a chance to put yourself on a distribution list 
>to receive a copy of the DVD when it is published in 2005.
>With thanks for your interest and assistance,
>SAO-NASA Structure & Evolution of the Universe Education Forum.

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Suzanne M. Pleau Kinnison, KB3JVX
Aerospace Education Specialist
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 130.3
Greenbelt, MD  20771-0001

office (301) 286-9108
fax (301) 286-1655

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