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QuarkNet theory meeting, Sat, Dec 13th.

TheoryNet meeting, 13 Dec 2003, 
Room 227 DA, Northeastern Univ., Boston

minutes/action items:


Participating Teachers:
 Scott Carlsson, Glouchster H.S., carlsson massed net
 Rick Dower, Roxbury Latin School, rick dower roxburylatin org
 Mike Fetsko, Braintree H.S., fetsko rcn com
 Jesus Hernandez, Lawrence H.S.,  jeh33 hotmail com
 Ken Rideout, Swampscott H.S., rideoutken hotmail com

Participating Theorists:
 Albion Lawrence, Brandeis, albion brandeis edu
 Ken Olum, Tufts, kdo cosmos5 phy tufts edu
 Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern, taylor neu edu

Observing theorist:
 Martin Schmaltz, Boston University, schmaltz bu edu

Boston Area QuarkNet Center experimentalists: 
 Darien Wood, Northeastern University, darien neu edu 
 (by video from Fermilab)

National Science Foundation Program Director:
 Fred Cooper, NSF, fcooper nsf gov


 Amihay Hanany, MIT, hanany mit edu (theorist)
 Shiraz Minwalla, Harvard, minwalla born harvard edu (theorist)
 Ulrich Heintz, BU, heintz bu edu (QuarkNet experimentalist)

1. Darien gave a quick history of how the Boston Area QuarkNet 
center program had involved physicists (primarily exerimentalists)
with Boston area physics teachers through Summer workshops and 
research projects.  He also described the funding that we have 
for this pilot program with theorists.

2. Each of the teachers described the physics program of their 
respective schools and the cultures.   They also described how they
had incorporated their QuarkNet experience into their class rooms.

3. Each theorist gave a short biography and explained his area of 
research in terms that one might use with high school students.

 Lunch break

4. Brainstorming on how to best implement the theorist involvment 
with the high schools.  A few random notes:

What the students might get out of the visits:
 - get answers to curiosity-based questions
 - supplement/ehance the current subject being studied
 - see scientists are real people
 - get expert advice on student projects (science fair, etc.)

What the scientists might get out of the visits:
 - see first hand the situation in schools
 - be forced to articulate what they do

General model: 
 - one-on-one pairing between teachers and theorists
 - an initial visit by theorist to observe high school
 - other visits planned from there
 - no preconceived ideas, be open to different types of 
 interactions for different situations
 - email to TheoryNet list after visits to share experiences
 - next meeting with everyone in March after everone has
 made some visits

Longer term future:
 - meeting in Summer to assess program and involve new 
 teachers and theorists
 - involve graduate students
4. Pairings:

Thomasz Taylor - Rick Dower
Ken Olum - Mike Fetsko
Albian Lawrence - Scott Carlsson

Remaining to pairings have to be worked out via email.  Ken Rideout
has already sent email about possible dates, which might influence

5. Other logistics

 - Ken Olum will set up mailing list for TheoryNet (with
 subscribe & unsubscribe capabilities, etc.) This message
 should contain all the information needed to set it up.
 - Maybe we could use a better name for the program, but
 "TheoryNet" will be used for now.  Maybe the students will
 have some good suggestions.
 - Darien will go ahead and procure the projector and 
 cloud chambers

6. Next meeting

 Pairs will set up their own meetings and visits over the
next few months, but we will all meet together on a Saturday 
in the Spring.  The preferred dates are (in order):

 1. March 13th
 2. March 20th

 Amihay and Shiraz in particular should indicate which
date will work for them so we are sure they can be included
in the next meeting.

 Rick will host the meeting at Roxbury Latin in West
Roxbury (with free parking, among other amenities).

March 13th
March 20th  at Roxbury Latin

 Darien Wood, Physics Department
 Northeastern Univ., 227 Dana Research Center
 Boston, MA  02115  
 voice: (617)373-2958, fax: (617)373-2943
 darien neu edu