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[Emeriti-faculty] [Fwd: looking for student for astro project]

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Dear Gayle,

Could you please forward this query to all departmental faculty and 

Bill Waller

I have received five nights of observing time on the Kitt Peak 4-m telescope (scheduled for Oct. 2-6) to carry out a near-infrared imaging study of the nearby spiral galaxy M33. This presents a potential opportunity for a student to become involved in an observational astronomy project. The student's travel and (some) of his/her work could be covered by funding from the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium. I am looking for a student with sufficient background to take on such a project and run with it. Data reduction and analysis using IRAF and/or IDL would be an important part of the project.

Please contact me directly at <william waller tufts edu>, if this is of interest.

Prof. Bill Waller

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