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Re: (ET) Small E20 fire: What is it with MOVs?

Not a problem, thank you for the reply!

I don't think it was over-voltage, the batteries were somewhat low and BB600's can take hundreds of amps in terms of charge rate without shooting up.

It might be the frame thing, but that still seems odd. If the motor is connected to the frame at one winding, then it would just act as an auto-transformer, and to where since it's not arcing to frame.

I have noticed on a few other tractors that the MOV is blown up, especially on E15's. Then the contactors start to pit.


On 3/15/2011 1:23 PM, Rhett George wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 10:59:27AM -0400, RJ Kanary wrote:
     With the field weakened would not the temporary output of this
motor turned generator be reduced ? Unless the cruise button was held
in, mashing the throttle would result in field weakening, would it not
?  Weakened field, not much power generated.

      And BTW holding the cruise button in while mashing the throttle
will result in dramatic regenerative braking, (No field weakening.) to
the extent that the Power Use meter will be pinned against the left hand
stop.{ Still without smoke escaping from the MOV in the times that I've
done it. :)   }


  - Greetings to Chris, RJ, and all others -

Yes, RJ, I agree fully and thankfully with the dramatic regenerative 
capability.  That function kept me out of trouble when using the E20 to 
the O'Day Daysailor around on our side of the hill.

Without knowing the complete state of the tractor controls at the moment
Chris engaged the motor, my analysis was speculative and best-guess, at 
Thanks for your comments.


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