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Re: (ET) mileage

I own four properties all within something like a 2.5 mile round trip to/from my primary residence.  I typically mow all four in one shot driving the circle through standard residential streets and crossing a state highway.  In fact, my drive takes me to two states, two counties (although I am two blocks from a third county) and two cities (although at any point in time I am two blocks from up to four other cities).
I once ran into a fellow EVer driving south on the state highway.  We shared a quiet wave.

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Subject: (ET) mileage
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Just wondering if anyone has gone on any 'trips' with the ET.

I just moved from a rental into my new house, and it was about 1.1 miles. My trailer loan fell through and I needed to get it moved. With aging batteries and sitting all winter, I threw it on the charger for the morning and it made it the distance in high gear with plenty to spare, my brother following with the flashers on[on a quiet country road]

I was pretty surprised, I had thought I would run out of batteries and we would end up towing it

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