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Re: (ET) Snow all gone?

David Roden wrote:
Still shoving it round with an E15 and dozer blade. I wonder though if I'm risking breaking or bending something when I blast into those walls of snow on either side of the driveway, driving more loads of snow into them. Sometimes I whack 'em so hard with the blade angled that the front end of the tractor skids a few inches to the side. Am I risking damage to the tractor's frame this way? It seems pretty darn sturdy.

I wonder as well. I've used the snowblower as a bit of a plow at times, and I try to keep the stresses reasonable on it. However the thing is probably indestructible.

One issue I have to deal with is that the chains are scratching up my driveway asphalt. I wonder if it's possible to top over it to touch up the slight gouges before the weather into bigger problems.

In the meantime I've been using it to clear off the rest of the driveway; this involves undercutting the drifts, then collapsing them with a shovel then blowing out the remainder. I'm finding the blower excellent for the task of picking up snow that I shovel at random off the cars.

And for now I'm done with snow. Bring on the spring, where I can start getting into the yard with my tiller...