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Re: (ET) mower motor

        Weakened field = more armature current. More armature current = more heat. Everything that was there when the motor was new has to be there as far as the field is concerned.Chips on the field faces and missing chunks disrupt the magnetic field,resulting in poor performance.

   They can be changed, but getting the donor out of the shell in one piece can be problematic.And the placement of the magnet in the recipient shell has to be right on the money or else performance will suffer.

And watch those FINGERS !


Neil Dennis wrote:
Just had the magnet in a mower motor lose a piece, I've got another shell with one good magnet, wonder if anyone has changed one out and if so how ?

Cleaned out the bits, about a 1/8" thick piece from halfway across the magnen face is gone, put it together and it runs but the circuit breaker got how and that's with no blade so maybe won't work even partway, any thoughts ?


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