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(ET) kudos to ge (and lift question)

I've been moving a lot of gravel around this past week with my E20 and it made me realize what fine machines these are! I've been beating the heck out of it with 6 year old batteries and it just does its thing. I think there are some GE folks on this list, so I just want to pass on a thank you for designing the ETs just as they are. They are , what - 35 years old or more now!

Oh, and a question - every now and then my lift doesn't run. I've been using it a lot with the dozer blade. I think it may be the fuse holder being intermittent, but does the lift motor have a thermal breaker that resets itself? It seems to start working again after sitting less than a minute.

Maybe I should upgrade the fuse block to blade fuses.

- SteveS