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Re: (ET) Help, reverse missing?

Is it a major rewire to move to the later contactors (6 terminals)?  Or is it just a matter of connecting the old wires up to the new contactors and just removing a wire or 2 that is not needed anymore?


From: RJ Kanary [mailto:rjkanary nauticom net]
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 8:41 AM
To: Banks, Michael J.; elec-trak cosmos phy tufts edu
Subject: Re: (ET) Help, reverse missing?


            Merged replies for two posts.


           Yes. The later contactors make for a much simpler arrangement.If you wanted to try to fix what you have as an exercise all the individual pieces are functionally identical.Your assumption about 1F &2F being OK is correct.


          The other contactors that bypass the armature resistors are just swell if you have three forward traction motor speeds. :)  { In Forward. You are only allowed two speeds in Reverse.}

         If one of these were to fail open such as your reversing contactors, you would be missing a speed change but the tractor would still move.


       Each reversing  coil and contact unit is a separate entity.All do the same function when energized, and the mechanical interlock[ Those little pins that you better not lose if you decide to try to repair them. :( ] between opposing contactors assures that nothing bad can happen due to a set on contacts being closed when it shouldn't be.