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Re: (ET) ET Charges for Pennys a Day

Hi Raymon,
Yes the Landis controller is the best addition to ETs
in 20 years.  This is a great way to stay charged.

Your are correct the Kill-a-Watt will reset if power
is removed.  I mostly use it to determine the kw/hr
for plowing and mowing, by checking the reading before
charging and a day latter.

I think 4 cents is a great value for plowing my 6,000
sq foot driveway.  My neighbor with a smaller driveway
used a gallon of gas in his blower.

--- "Raymon R. Ellis" <raymon10 comcast net> wrote:

> Thanks Paul for the update. I remember back in
> August 2006 you gave me the
> straight information on how to connect the Landis
> Controller in my E-20. You
> went so far as to phone me to explain how you had
> set up your C-185. Several
> months later you pointed out that 38.2 volt is full
> charge when my startup
> voltage had been moved to 38.5 volts. I moved mine
> back slightly and all had
> been well since that time with the Landis. I have
> not been able to get a
> long run with the Kill-A-Watt meter here because of
> power failures. Some
> said, however, that a small light connected in
> parallel will keep the meter
> on through a failure but I have not tried that.
> Thanks again, Raymon Ellis
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> Hi All,
> For the last month I have been using a Kill-a-Watt
> power meter on my ET.
> The numbers are in and for 30 days without snow the
> average is 0.11 kw/hr per day or about one penny
> based
> on the local electric rates.  The Landis keeps the
> pack charged for a penny a day.
> We has 2 snows during that time and the extra power
> to
> charge was about 0.35 kw/hr for each storm.
> I'm looking forward to the mowing season to check
> the
> cost to mow.
> Also Amazon is selling the P3 Kill-a-Watt for about
> $23.
> Thanks,
> Paul Holzschuher
> C-185 and E15
> Cincinnati
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