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Re: (ET) Ok now that the Dust is Cleared, the sparks could start ...

Hmmm, use the double ended Dryer cables - and maybe we could talk about WELDING with the ET again <grin>

Gee, my buddy (the fireman) would be out of a job if everyone did everything according to code <grin>.

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On 13 Dec 2007 at 11:01, Thompson, Geof wrote:


Whether your barn has a separate service or is a subfeed from the house
main, I'm not sure there are any code-approved ways to backfeed your main
house service through the barn service.  In order to do this safely and to
code, you may have to trench in a separate line to a transfer switch ahead
of the main house panel (or the sub you're using to feed the loads you want
on backup power).

Regardless, with all the ETs you have, you should have literally DAYS' worth
of backp power there.  However, connecting them all in parallel might be
troublesome because they differ in capacity and condition.

I definitely would recommend against doing this with double-end dryer
cables. Much too easy to accidentally short the pins on the free end after
the other end is plugged in.  The result could be a real disaster.