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Re: (ET) How NOT to check your batteries...

You could buy a copy of the Curtis Battery Book One. I think it may be out of print now, but some of the EV parts vendors may still have copies to offer.

EVen better, the battery book by Curtis is online now:
at least I think this is the one David refers to.

If it makes you feel better, I accidentially connected a small 10Ah 6V SLA battery to a 12V 15A charger on accident (I thought I have two of those batteries in series but didnt do it quite right that time, I had done it 100s of times before) Anyhow, you can believe me that that battery was full wickedly quick and reminded me with a sulfuric smell and hissing sound that it was time to shut the charger off ;) well, it was an old battery but still good, I guess that probably cost me 50% capacity right there in 30 minutes of heavy overcharging.