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Re: (ET) GE-20 Transmission Oil Specs

I too have changed my transmission/rear end fluid as follows:

First I jacked up the rear end to get the tires off the ground.
Then I added 1 QT of kerosene to the trannie and put it into LL gear.
Placed a brick on the accellerator and let it wash around.  This thinned 
out the original oil and cleaned the inside of the trannie real well.  I 
made sure to drain the old oil over a good strong clean magnet to see what 
kind of metal filings/gear teeth chips could be found... Luckily very 

HINT:  Place your new oil into a scalding warm bucket of water for a 
couple of hours prior to filling.  It helps the oil flow a lot!

When all was empty I didn't reinstalled the lower plug to with new oil.   
Instead I took a tube from the new oil to a tapered rubber plug stuck into 
the lower drain hole.  Then I took a small medical vacuum pump and piped 
it to the upper "fill" hole.  When turned on it pulls the oil up and into 
the trannie with almost no mess.

Good luck! 

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I take it that you're not the original owner and may not know what's in 
the trans.  The 85-140 gear oil is perfect, even if you live in the 
snowbelt.  If you live in a REAL  snowbelt like northern Maine you can use 
straight 85.  Remove the old oil with the tractor flat on the ground then 
get the rear wheels at least 5" off ground for 64 ozs of new oil.  I used 
75 wgt. Mobil 1 synthetic for more than a year without problem,  replaced 
it with 85-140 because I thought the trans was noisy and heavier oil would 
quiet it down and also because I saw a post about synthetics damaging 
seals.  Now believe synthetics to be safe, the stuff is in the engine, 
trans and axle of my BMW...if it's good enough for them it's good enough 
for me.  
Good luck, Jack

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        My E-20 slows down some in colder weather which causes me to 
believe I should change the transmission oil. Members have reported that 
the oil can be drained by parking on a steep slope. There are comments 
about ways to fill with 64 ounces of new oil. Some have said that 
synthetics are the way to go. Others have said that if you want to replace 
all your seals go with synthetics. Super Tech Gear Lubricant SAE 85W-140 
GL-5 which I think is regular oil at Wal-Mart Stores may be an acceptable 
choice. I will thank anyone with knowledge of the Peerless 2300 
transmission to say if this will be OK. My tractor is used mainly for 
mowing and pulling a small trailer. Any additional tips for replacing the 
lubricant will be appreciated. I have access to several small jacks, a 
funnel with a long tube attached, some simple hand tools, and plenty of 
time, I hope. Any help and encouragements will be welcomed. Thank you.  



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