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Re: (ET) John Deere E-90 (Pestka, Dennis J)

Dennis asked "Going to look at a John Deere E-90 mower next weekend.  Any 
opinions on them?  Where can I go for information; repair manuals, etc."

A few years ago I thought I was going to be able to buy one, but the deal 
fell through.  However, before the deal fell through I did talk to a rural 
John Deere dealer about E-90 manuals.  They said that manuals were 
available for all past John Deere products, but the issue was finding a 
dealer who was willing to look up the part numbers for the required 
manuals.  As I recall I would have been able to get both an owners manual 
and a parts manual for about $30 on a special order.

I have a few E-90 mower parts I'd like to get rid of: 
1.  Mower deck in really nice condition, free
2.  Mower deck motor that runs and is in good condition, $50
3.  The green fiberglass E-90 "hood" with no cracks, but some scratches, 

For anyone wanting these parts, I am in northern Delaware.  I'll ship the 
motor for a fee, but you'll have to come and get the deck or "hood".

Steve Naugler