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Re: (ET) (no subject)

Hear Hear !   This lawn mowing info needs to get more public.  

  Incidentally,  speaking of  pollution we ain't putting out,  why don't
all you guys hit the NEEAA (New England chapter, Electric Automobile
Assn) website and download the 'Fuel Saver's Guide'.   ET's are mentioned
in it.   This is a 40 page public domain Ebook which will print out
properly on Win 98 computers with MS Office 7 but will need the front
page reformatted to paginate the whole thing properly with Win XP
computers.  Some day someone will do it up in PDF so everyone can print
it on anything, even an Apple, with Acrobat.   Get it at  WWW. NEEAA.ORG 
    FSG has a dual purpose;  To save a person money and to save the
planet's resources, IE underground petroleum and our atmosphere vis a vis
greenhouse gases.
At the local  Earth day show, bout 50 CD copies were given out at the
NEEAA display to people who had computers but no internet.  
Incidentally, FSG has a  'fuel saving tip' in it on lawnmowing - to do it
less often, let the grass grow higher between mows.  Us ET people don't
have to worry about that. :>)
Weymouth MA

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 03:33:48 +0000 willaim att net writes:
> A recent newspaper article stated that the EPA is poised to offer new 
> emission standards for lawn mowers. New push mowers emit pollution 
> equal to 11 new cars and new riding mowers pollute equal to 34 new 
> cars. They propose that manufacturers be required to install 
> catalytic converters which may reduces emissions by 80%. There are 
> 52 million lawn mowers presently spewing pollution into our 
> atmosphere.
> I offer this only as a feel-good note to all EV folks. As we hum 
> around our lawns on our ETs, we are contributing very little to the 
> causes of poor air quality or noise pollution...and none to gas 
> price pollution. Maybe we deserve medals of freedom.
> Bill Alburty E-12 66206  
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