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Re: (ET) plowing snow

Sorry about replying to my own message, but I noticed some 
mistakes/clarifications needed.

A really neat thing about using shoes on the plow is that it leaves a 
inches of snow behind.  That gets packed down, next plowing session leaves
another layer.

Yes Wombat is right, the spring thaw (if winter ever gets here) makes a 
mess after a thick layer of snow/ice build-up. That's why after the first 
plow job, you take set the shoes for zero lift or less. That way you have 
a nice surface of ice holding the gravel, dirt, mud,
whatever in place.

I have a buddy with a 7ft plow on his truck that has made an interesting 
and very useful modification. He has welded a 7ft long piece of 2" ID pipe 
to his shoes.
This not only keeps the cutting edge off the lawn on the first pass or two 
but it helps to smooth over any ruts or bumps. It also makes back-blading 
way more effective.

Just like shoes... after you have establish a packed snow/ice base, reset 
the "shoe" for zero offset.

Stay Charged!

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