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(ET) News from Clean Power Supply

 To all on the list:

 To make parts ordering easier and faster,Clean Power Supply now accepts 
credit cards for payment.Orders may be called in,faxed in,or emailed. 
Contact info. listed below.
To those who may be unaware, I can supply many common and some not so 
common parts for the GE,New Idea,and Wheel Horse electric tractors. Normal 
stock items include items such as: Relays,Contactors,Switches,Mower Motors 
and parts,Charger Capacitors,Mower Blades,Drive Motors and 
parts,Bearings,Breakers,New Style Master Disconnects with lower 
resistance(more power),and many other items.
 I also have some unusual items for sale right now;
Nice complete mower deck for Wheel Horse E-141,
36V battery discharger/tester,
New TH30 3/8" Drill Head Kit for power head,
48" Snow/Dozer Blade Assembly.
Please contact me if I can be of assistance.
Harold Zimmerman
dba Clean Power Supply
Ephrata PA
717-859-4234 Phone
717-859-4824 Fax
cleanpower att net Email (Make sure your email is set to plain text and 
limit your email to 8K. No pictures.)